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Children and Chores

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Every child needs to do chores at home. Family do chores. Visitors do not do chores. Are you doing all you can to bond your children to your family? Are you afraid of assigning chores? Chores are essential to a happy child.

The basics of assigning Chores

This article is all about ideas to consider when you want your child to start doing chores. It includes a basic reason for chores. If you are not certain that chores are important there is a more in-depth conversation about chores attached to this article. It is titled: Conversation about Chores.

Before you start chores there are a few things you should wrap your head around. Assigning chores:

1.  Do the chore with the child – more than one time. Keep working as a team until you feel your child can accomplish the task on their own.

Example: Make Your Bed

Why: do we make the bed? To keep it clean. To help your room stay clean.

When: should the bed be made? The best time is right after they get out of it in the morning. As smaller kids you might have a comforter instead of a regular bedspread. A comforter can be pulled up and tucked in around the pillows.

How: When you show them how to do it you want to have them helping. Have the child help with every step – even if it looks messy when it is done.

Encourage: Praise, tell kids you are so proud of them. As children grow into adults these words mean even more than the words, “I Love You.”

Post a Picture: Many parents take a picture of the chore that is complete and put it in the room for the children to follow. Most frequently it is a picture of their bedroom. Take pictures of the bedroom (Under the bed, closet, inside dressers) and pin them someplace in the room so the child can do one more inspection before getting you to check the room.

Siblings: Older children help younger children. You have to put in the time to teach the older children what they need to know so they can share it with the younger ones.

Step-Children – “Part Time Family”:Remember why you give chores? It is important to give ALL your kids chores. Even if they don’t live full time in your home. Every child should pick up after themselves, do dishes, cook, vacuum, dust, clean bathrooms. Children who live in two homes may benefit by parents joining in on the chores which bonds them together.

Posting Chore Charts: Many families have chore charts posted on the fridge or wherever works. These parents have decided to be organized and make things easy for kids to remember. I think chore charts can be a great idea. I especially like it when parents can check things off or initial the item when it is completed. Don’t fall into the idea that you will pay for regular chores.

Extra Chores 4 Money: Some parents have a list of EXTRA CHORES 4 MONEY. They post these chores and children can see how much each chore is worth. Washing the car might be worth as much as $5 while washing the dog is worth $7 because it is harder to accomplish.

Reteach as Needed: You have taught your child how to do a chore. You check on it and it is not completed. Do not fix it for them. Do not shout at them. Walk them in and tell them you will work with them to show them how to do it.  If you think they are doing a poor job completing their chores, on purpose, follow up with a consequence. The best consequences are those that fit the “crime”.

Please read about consequences in other articles. Remember to think ahead and never assign a consequence you can’t control.

That is essential.
Never start a battle you can’t win.Remember that all kids are different.

Allow kids to trade chores with one another – being sure that the deals are mostly fair. We made deals with each other all the time but didn’t ever tell our mom. As long as things were done right it was good enough for her and she didn’t need to know more than that.

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