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Getting To Know Mike and Sally Cain

We are Michael and Sally Cain. Sally is a retired teacher, curriculum expert and Principal of 33 years. Michael continues to teach elementary school going on his 25thyear. We have taught side by side in multi-grade classrooms and have given presentations at educational conferences.

As parents we have experienced public education, charter schools and home schooling with our combination of three kids.

We have created Power Educating because we believe that families are the answer to creating a more successful future for everyone.

You probably think that raising our kids and dealing with school issues would be easier for people who were teachers. I proudly tell you that we struggled with the education of our children the same way you are or will.

The most important thing we have learned about educating children is that their success or failure rests solidly on the shoulders of their families. The family set the example of success to children. Children need guidance and boundaries everywhere they interact.

  • Teach it and they will learn.
  • Family Matters!!!
  • All parents want their children to succeed and be happy at school.
  • Bullies always lose!
  • Never give up on your kids.
  • If what you are doing doesn't work, try something new.
  • Parent with a sense of humor.
  • Extended Family helps kids be happy and successful.
  • Step-fathers and step-mothers are not like Disney films.
  • Divorced people need to focus on the love for their children.
  • Parents need to stop fighting in front of their children.
  • Nobody ever "does the best that they can," we are all a bit selfish at times.
  • All children are at-risk children.
  • Follow the rules of society if you want to be happy and productive people.
  • Be kind to one another.
  • Do your work.
  • Put your name on your paper.
  • Bring the teacher chocolate.
  • Go to bed early.
  • Read everything and anything.
  • Keep a journal.
  • Never write anything that you would be ashamed of if it was read aloud.
  • Play lots of games outside and board games with your friends and family.
  • Stop complaining about "new math".


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