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Michael and Sally are professional educators in the state of California. Michael continues to teach in an elementary school setting. He has experience teaching K-12. He taught high school English, Yearbook, and Spanish. He is an expert at working with at-risk students having worked in Juvenile Hall and Community Day Schools.

Both Michael and Sally have taught multi-age classrooms. We balanced two at-risk programs teaching grades K-8. Working with at-risk children has led to a new understanding of the needs of families. PowerEducating focuses most of our efforts on building bridges for families to understand more about why schools do what they do.

Sally loves to develop units of study for Professional Learning Communities. She has successfully worked with districts as they refine their teaching techniques (and curriculum) as they work to bring up their academic testing results. Her strength is in finding practical ways to teach common core standards. She has had her hand in developing modules of curriculum used for professional development units for teachers. She worked with a panel of paraprofessionals to develop a manual for hiring, retaining and educating paraprofessionals in order to stop the revolving door of hiring.

We believe in getting the most bang for our buck – or our time. An example of this is the development of a comprehensive Family Dinner Hour which has been shown to build a stronger family unit. As we research for every topic we cover we continue to learn more about parenting. We spend time discussing hot topic issues like bullying. We want to bring some topics to the forefront, such as having children do chores. Things like chores have been shown through a 75 -year Harvard Research Grant to make a huge impact on children becoming successful professionals in their adult life.

Sally has retired early so she can spend her time working on PowerEducating, her passion for bridging the gap between home and school.

Sally has her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis on Technology and Testing. Mike and Sally have been invited to speak at multiple educational conferences.

The education area of PowerEducating includes curriculum ideas, alignment to common core standards, ideas for instruction and lessons we have had great success with.


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