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Michael & Sally Cain are educators. We have educated children, parents, teachers and administrators since 1979. We are research based as much as we can be. Sometimes research tells us to do something that a school doesn't allow. For instance, ADHD children can benefit by chewing gum while they work. How many schools are okay with that idea? Not many. You would think that by this time our children would be grateful for the opportunity to chew gum in the classroom by using garbage cans appropriately. They don't and it puzzles me. So, research might tell me something is a great idea and it might fall flat in practice. As you interact with the posts we hope you will ask questions and give input.

Get to know more about Mike and Sally. Our education, our life experiences, our families, our mistakes and our hopes and dreams.

Power Educating Contact Information

Michael Cain
Sally Cain
Redding, California

Michael Cain began teaching in 1995. His education experience includes working in Community Day Schools with at-risk children and at juvenile detention facilities. He worked in a small lumber town teaching High School English and Spanish until the mills closed and they closed down the school. He currently teaches at a public elementary school.

As co-founder of PowerEducating, a parenting and life skills portal, Michael Cain offers valuable resources to help the whole child; Providing several levels of training and practical applications. Through education development experience, PowerEducating provides best practices training for parents, their children, and teachers who seek to raise responsible, independent kids who will achieve success.

He loves working with students

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