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Shaving A Fun Story

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This is a fun story about my son, Kyle. He understands that any story that makes me laugh is subject to being shared. He was in the sixth grade and decided to try to shave before school one day. Read to learn the lesson he is teaching us.

Kyle Shaving

Kyle is my wonderful son. I am proud of the man he has become. I am lucky that Kyle inherited my sense -of-humor which allows me to tell some of his funniest moments. In fact, if something happened while he was growing up that made me laugh, he would say, “Mom, you are going to tell people this story, aren’t you. I know you will because you think it is sooo funny.” He would chuckle to himself and I would overhear him telling his friends all about it.

Here is one of the funniest moments of my motherhood.

       Kyle was in the sixth grade at our local Middle School. He was at that age we all went through when we were waiting for puberty to hit. He would check his face in the mirror every day to see if there was any sign of whiskers or pimples. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

       It was a typical morning. I was always on kid duty, taking him to school then picking him up afterward. Doing homework, getting him to activities and all the parent things. We had to leave the house every morning at 7:00. I woke him at 6:00 and let him wake up for half an hour while I prepared breakfast and got our things organized. He had to put his backpack in the car the night before so we wouldn’t forget it.

       That bright shiny morning I Called for him to get in the car. I went out, opened the garage door and waited a minute. He didn’t show so I went in to find out what was slowing him down.

       “Mom COME QUICK!!” Kyle shouted from the bathroom. I thought, Uh Oh…I never want to hear a yell for mom in the bathroom. There had to be a leak or injury or some other disgusting event.

       I rounded the corner and saw him leaning over the sink. He had a small piece of toilet paper in his hand and was attempting to stop the flow of blood from just underneath his bottom lip. The cut was the exact width of the razor. I saw a razor on the counter and of course put one and one together.

       Here, let me get a washrag. I grabbed a clean wash rag and put it under hot water. I pressed it to his cut and told him to keep pressure on it. “Honey, you need more pressure and a bigger bandage when the cut is so long. Your dad uses a tiny piece of toilet paper when he cuts a tiny cut.”

       “So, did you learn a lesson from this?” I asked him because I had hope that he learned a few things. In my mind I thought, “Wait until dad teaches you how to shave. Wait until you have whiskers. Practice without a real blade…”

       “Yeah! I learned a good lesson. Never chew gum when you are shaving!”

       My laughter lasted all day. When I picked him up from school I said, “Never chew gum when you are shaving!” and laughed again.

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