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Spelling Practice That’s FUN

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Practicing spelling words each week can be a real drag. Every week my husband has his students take ten minutes after or before lunch to practice writing their spelling words in shaving cream on top of their desks. This cleans the desks, the kids and uses different parts of the brain to help them learn how to spell. This is especially helpful for students who struggle with spelling.

Clean up and have fun practicing spelling!

Spelling practice that is FUN!!

working with spelling/vocab/reading/writing

This is the best advice I can come up with that really helps kids practice spelling/reading/writing using more than one learning modality.

Idea 1

  • Shaving Cream + small amount of water. Put a handful of shaving cream and maybe a quarter cup of water on the tabletop.
  • The kids smear it around mixing the water into the shaving cream. (The water keeps the shaving cream fluffy for a longer time) – don’t use so much water that it runs off the table – theoretically you can have them do it on the bathroom floor when you are ready to mop? Be careful because shaving cream is slippery.
  • Do the practice test – say the spelling word and give them time to write it in the shaving cream. Look around and check while you tell them the correct spelling of the word – have them “fix” any mistakes.
  • Right then, before going on to the next word – cement the correct spelling by having the kids practice writing the word in the shaving cream3-5 times while saying it aloud. Have a “buddy” check to be sure the kids are on task and spelling it correctly each time.
  • Say it aloud with them like this, “Hello, h – e – l – l – o, wipe it clean, Hello etc…” When you say it aloud (he hears it) when they write it in shaving cream (they see and feel it), When they says it (they feel it in his mouth and hear it to his own ears which helps them focus on the task.”

Idea 2

Use a cookie sheet full of flour (salt would work too, as it feels different than flour – but don’t use sugar,..duh)

Idea 3-+ more

Beach – stick writing in sand – using finger or toe in the sand

Outside in mud

Inside in cookie sheet of dry dirt

Outside with chalk on the concrete

If you want to try this at home and the teacher is asking for paper pencil work to be turned in – try asking him if this would be okay to try – try for one week – take pictures on your phone and send him one or two to show that you are really doing the work.

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