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What is it that they say before every episode of Law and Order? Something about how these stories may seem like they are based on you but they aren’t. I have mixed up the stories and am sharing them for a couple of reasons. First of all, I want to make you smile. Secondly, I want to make you cry. Not really cry but I want to give you some examples of some horrible parenting. Sometimes we see ourselves in other people’s lives. If you see yourself on any of the pages of this web site please understand that it is a mere coincidence.

I am sharing some of my own stories about my life with the permission of my family. I hope you feel safe to share some of your fun family stories. These stories are fiction. If you think it might be a story about you – you are wrong. I have based each story on true events but have mixed them up enough to be certain nobody will recognize themselves. I hope you enjoy!


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